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ネオロマ 通信

neoromance comm

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This is a LJ fan community for Koei's Neoromance games and everything related to them: Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de and Kiniro no Corda (aka La Corda d'oro). Incidentally, the abbreviations for the three titles used most frequently are Ange, Haruka and Corda.

Read This First
- This community assumes you are already familiar with at least one of the above titles, in terms of its story, content, and cast, or are capable of looking that up yourself. There will be no answering of basic questions like, "What is it about?" and "Who's in it?"
- If you're a fan of these titles only from their anime or manga, try not to get confused between them, and the original games and drama CDs. This community will cover everything.
- If you're only a fan of the seiyuu, you'll find more interesting posts over at seiyuu.
- Read the rules on this page, and if you have questions, use this entry to comment.
- Many useful lists and information can be found at neoroma.info. Please use the resources there!

News (posted regularly)
- Release information for official merchandise (CDs, DVDs, games, books, comics, etc.).
- News of Neoromance live events (event information, DVDs/books releases, etc.).
- Release information for neoroma seiyuu in a music career (albums, singles, DVDs, etc.). This does NOT include character songs for unrelated series, but they may also be posted.
- Other manga or works by Yura Kairi, Mizuno Tohko or Kure Yuki.
- Information on character goods are not included on a regular basis, but they may also be posted.

Topics okay to post (may be friends-locked)
- Summaries, translations or lyrics (manga, anime, games, CDs, DVDs, etc.).
- Reviews or reports of Neoromance live events.
- Gaming help (both asking and giving).
- Discussion within the series. Please, no wild speculation and random fic ideas, mmkay?
- Cut for length, spoilers and/or images. No exception. (How do I use a lj-cut?)
- Restrict use of images to the minimum required. Do not infringe on copyright.
- Please do NOT post unauthorised images of seiyuu; some of them do not approve of this practice. If you must, friends-lock the post.
- Unauthorised fan creations (doujinshi, fanart, fanfics, icons, wallpapers, etc.) are NOT allowed. Do not link fan sites (of any language) either. There are other communities on LJ for them.
- Private sales and advertisements posts are also not allowed. They are considered spam and will be deleted without warning.

- Stay on topic (see above). No introduction posts, please. And we don't celebrate character birthdays, kthxbai.
- Use proper English. Be polite. Don't flame. Offenders will get their posts/comments deleted without warning.
- If you have to post a piece of news in Japanese, provide a translation or ask for help.
- Report news only from reliable/official sources, i.e., no "I read this on a Japanese/Chinese BBS/blog."
- Minimise cross-postings across communities, please.
- Piracy (fansubs, scanlations, mp3s, etc.) on a regular basis is discouraged. This is NOT a media-sharing community. There are others on LJ.
- I repeat. Do not request for scans, scanlations, music, fansubs, or other video files.
- No yaoi, BL, shounen-ai, slash, pairings, shipping, etc. whatever you want to call it. Absolutely Zero Tolerance. There are also other comms on LJ.

Copyright notice
Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Kiniro no Corda, and all their releated merchandise are copyright Koei, Ruby Party, their respective character designers (Yura Kairi, Mizuno Tohko, and Kure Yuki), as well as other parties involved in their adaptations (Kadokawa Shoten, Hakusensha, TV Tokyo, Bandai Visual, Aniplex, etc.). We are in no way affliated with any of these companies and exist only to promote the series and empty our pockets.
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